The Media Development and Diversity Agency (MDDA) is a statutory development agency for promoting and ensuring media development and diversity. It is a partnership between the South African Government and major print and broadcasting companies to assist in, amongst others, developing community and small commercial media in South Africa.

It was established in 2003, in terms of the MDDA Act No. 14 of 2002 and started providing grant funding to projects on 29 January 2004.


The mandate of the Agency is enshrined in law in the MDDA Act and aims to:
• Create an enabling environment for media development and diversity which refl ects the needs and aspirations of all South Africans.
• Redress exclusion and marginalisation of disadvantaged communities and persons from access to the media and the media industry.
• Promote media development and diversity by providing support, primarily to community and small commercial media projects.

The Agency is established to promote development and diversity in the South African media, consistent with the right to freedom of expression as enshrined in Section 16 (1) of the Constitution Act 108 of 1996.

Our approach to grant funding in pursuit of the Agency mandate
• Grant funding - provision of subsidies to individual media projects and to create an enabling environment for the development of a diverse media.
• Leveraging resources and support through technical assistance.
• Conducting and funding research.
• Facilitating capacity building.
• Advocating for media.


Our Target Audiences
• Historically disadvantaged communities;
• Historically diminished language and cultural groups; and • Inadequately served communities. 




We are honest, transparent, reliable, fair, accountable and responsible for our actions




We are empathetic, courteous and respectful to our staff and clients alike




We are efficient, effective, service delivery orientated, punctual, performance driven and work collectivelly




We are passionate, go the extra mile, responsive, have a strong work ethic, are consistent and accessible




We are inclusive, open and participatory in our dealings with internal and external parties.

                          Call Us: 011 643 1100  /  info@mdda.org.za  /  1st Floor, 5 St Davids Place, Parktown, 2193

To report incidents of fraud and / or corruption in the MDDA, use our Fraud-hotline and contact details. See below:

Email address : hotline@mdda.org.za; Phone number : 0800 701 701; Fax number : 011 643 1126

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