The Media Development and Diversity Agency (MDDA) is a statutory development agency for promoting and ensuring media development and diversity.


It is a partnership between the South African Government and major print and broadcasting companies to assist in, amongst others, developing community and small commercial media in South Africa.

It was established in 2003, in terms of the MDDA Act No. 14 of 2002 and started providing grant funding to projects on 29 January 2004.


Our Target Audiences
• Historically disadvantaged communities;
• Historically diminished language and cultural groups; and

• Inadequately served communities.

  • Licensed community radio stations in South Africa: 285

  • Community radio listenership in South Africa: 8 million

  • Number of community radio stations on air in South Africa: 212

  • Number of community radio stations funded by MDDA: 156

  • Number of Community TV stations funded by MDDA: 4 (+ 2 initiatives)

  • Broadcast languages: Full spectrum of South African languages can be heard - each station broadcasts in range of languages reflecting what is spoken  by communities

  • Number of independent print publications in South Africa: 180*

  • Circulation in South Africa: 6.5 million per month*

  • Readership in South Africa: 20 million per month*

  • Publishing language: 97 publish in indigenous languages or combination of indigenous and English/Afrikaans*


  • MDDA funded publications: 88
    * Figures from AIP

                          Call Us: 011 643 1100  /  info@mdda.org.za  /  1st Floor, 5 St Davids Place, Parktown, 2193

To report incidents of fraud and / or corruption in the MDDA, use our Fraud-hotline and contact details. See below:

Email address : mdda@whistleblowing.co.za; Toll free phone number : 0800 544 484;

Toll Free Fax number : 0800 212 689; Postal address : FREEPOST KZN665, MUSGRAVE, 4062; SMS : 33490;

Online : www.whistleblowing.co.za; Mobile App : Available on the Google Play and Apple App stores

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