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Applications for Funding Forms


The MDDA 2023/24 Call for Applications is opening on 31 May 2023 for six weeks and will close on 12 July 2023 .

Community media projects, including radio, TV and print publications, as well as small commercial print are invited to apply.

For broadcast applications, send your applications to 

For broadcast applications, download: 

1. Grant Funding Application

2. Budget Request Form Community Broadcast

3. Business Plan Template

The MDDA's Broadcast unit will still accept applications with the supporting documents delivered.
     SABC Auckland Park Campus
     SABC GSM Building,
     26 Canary Road,
     Auckland Park, 2006



Applicants are urged not to submit duplicate applications as this compromises the efficiency of the application process and may even result in your application being disregarded.
You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your application.
For 2023 print applications, click on the print application page 

Please note the preferred browser is google and  Microsoft Edge.


It is advisable to check that you have all required  documents  ready for  uploading before applying online.

Also refer to the guidelines on how to use the online application system.


Q: My application won’t submit


Check the following:

•Are all required fields completed / selected?

•Are all required attachments uploaded?

•If Yes to either question, please make sure you are using the recommended browser: Chrome or Edge

•If the issue persists using Chrome or Edge then email

Q: The online page is not loading

•Are you using Chrome or Edge?

•If no, please try Chrome or Edge.

•If yes, email us your query with the following details:

Name / organisation, email address, ID number / reference number

•Description of problem

•Screenshot if possible

•Which device and browser the applicant is using

Q: I attached the wrong document or did not fully answer a question in phase 2


  • Use the link in the phase 2 email to go back and update your application



Community Broadcast (Radio/TV) Projects

Documents Required

  1. Certified Copy of your registration documents

  2. Tax Clearance Certificate or CSD Certificate number

  3. Certified copy of previous audited Financial Statements (audited by registered auditors or accountants), if you are an existing project.(Projects established two or less years prior to application are not required to submit financial statements)

  4. Affidavit that you are not connected to or owned/ controlled by : Any commercial media entity or individual (Caxton, Kagiso Media, SABC, ETV, Multichoice, Primedia, M-Net, Media 24, Arena Holdings, Independent Newspapers, etc.); Any political party or Government

  5. Business Plan including 3-year financial projections/plan (Please follow business plan template downloadable in online application system)

  6. Budget (your funding request using the excel template downloadable in online application system)

  7. A copy of your broadcast licence

  8. A copy of your programming schedule

  9. Copies of key personnel CV’s (maximum 4)

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