Projects to be Funded under the MDDA Act

Projects that are registered as a Section 21, NPO, NGO, CBO, or cooperative can apply for this category. 


  • Small commercial media 

The MDDA Act defines small commercial media as “independent media enterprises or initiatives that are run for personal gain as micro, very small or small business as classified in the National Small Business Act, 1996.
Small business "means a separate and distinct business entity, including co-operative enterprises and non-governmental organizations, managed by one owner or more which… can be classified as a micro-, a very small, a small or a medium enterprise by satisfying the criteria mentioned in columns 3, 4 and 5 of the Schedule…”. The Act uses three indicators: Number of people employed, turnover and assets of the business 25% of our funding is allocated to funding projects in this sector. 
It is proposed that such enterprises receive both grants and loans. Grants will be funded by MDDA directly, whilst the loans will be provided by a strategic partner that will be selected by MDDA to meet conditions of the Act i.e. low interest bearing rates. However, the MDDA is still conducting a study into the low interest rate loan scheme.



Projects that are registered as a Sole Proprietorship; Close Corporation or Private Company can apply in this category. 


  • Research projects 

5% of our funding is allocated to projects who wish to undertake research into the media sector in South Africa or who want to undertake feasibility studies in the media sector.

  • Community Media 

The MDDA Act defines community media as “any media project that is owned and controlled by a community where any financial surplus is reinvested in the media project”.

60% of our funding is allocated to projects in this sector. Community media projects are defined as a geographic community or a community of interest. In addition, there is a strong emphasis on public participation and is not for profit.

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