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The MDDA is a Schedule 3A public entity in terms of the Public Finance Management Act.

The MDDA reports to the Minister in the Presidency as its Executive Authority.

The Media Development and Diversity Agency (MDDA) was set up by an Act of Parliament (Act 14 of 2002) to enable "historically disadvantaged communities and persons not adequately served by the media" to gain access to the media. It's beneficiaries will be community media and small commercial media. 


To achieve its objective, the MDDA will: 

  • Encourage ownership and control of, and access to, media by historically disadvantaged communities, historically diminished indigenous language and cultural groups; 

  • Encourage the channelling of resources to community and small commercial media; 

  • Encourage human resource development and capacity building in the media industry, especially amongst historically disadvantaged groups; 

  • Encourage research regarding media development and diversity



To establish the  Media   Development and  Diversity Agency;  to  provide for  its objective and  functions; to  provide for  the  constitution of  the  Board and   the management of the Agency  by the Board; to provide for the chief executive officer and other staff of the Agency; to provide for the finances of the Agency; to provide for the support of projects aimed at promoting media  development and  diversity; and  to provide for matters connected therewith.


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Policy and Legislation


The Media Development and Diversity Agency (MDDA) is guided by a number of relevant and related legislation, which it is required to comply with, including and most importantly the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

Key amongst these laws, is



POPI act documents:

Information manual of MDDA
MDDA-Protection of Personal Information
PAIA Information



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