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frequently asked questions

1. What will the MDDA not fund?

The MDDA will not fund the following, amongst others:

  • Media projects owned and/or controlled by the government or other funders of MDDA ( Caxton, e-tv, Independent Newspapers,Arena Kagiso Media, Media 24, M-Net, Primedia, SABC);
  • Special events licensees or once off publications (except in exceptional circumstances);
  • Media projects owned or controlled by any political party;
  • Any advocacy except if it promotes media development & diversity;
  • Conferences/seminars and attendance at any of these;
  • Media earmarked for foreign audiences;
  • Media aimed at reinforcing/boosting/promoting any particular entity/organisation that suits only the ends of that entity/organisation. 

2. MDDA’s priorities change dependent on the needs of the sector. Please contact the MDDA to get an updated list of  what the Agency will and won’t fund.

3.What criteria does the MDDA use to decide on application?
The MDDA has criteria that guide decisions in Regulations ( which are from the MDDA offices or on our website). These include:

  • Will the project promote or add to media diversity?
  • Will the project increase participation by historically disadvantaged groups in the media?
  • Does the project promote the use of previously disadvantaged languages?
  • Is the project sustainable?
  • Are good governance practices in place?
  • Will the project promote a culture of reading?
  • Does the community participate in the projects?

4. How much funding does the MDDA give?
It depends on a range of things including your needs, the extent, the extent to which your project fulfils our mandate and the resources available to us.
Note that the MDDA encourages media organisations/communities to also contribute towards projects – either by matching grands or kind support.

5. How do I apply?

You must fill in the application form. Be careful to fill in the correct section of the form if you are
  • A community (non-profit) media project
  • A small commercial media project
You need to attach a covering letter, outlining your application
You need to attach all the information asked for ( e.g your strategies, the business plan, any legal documents etc)
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