Published Research Documents

MDDA/SANLAM Awards - Survey report


Corporate Governance Toolkit
Community Media and Small Commercial Media Part I
Community Media and Small Commercial Media Part II


Transformation of Print Media in South Africa 
The 03rd May is celebrated worldwide as World Press Freedom Day, as per the proclamation by the United Nations (UN) at its General Assembly in 1993,.

Race and Migration in the Community Media
Local stories, common stereotypes
Anna Lerner, Sandra Roberts and Callies Matlala Edited by Sandra Roberts


Out in the Media? 
Knowledge,Attitude and Practices of the Media towards Lesbian,Gay,Bisexual,Transgender and Intersex Issues and Stories

The People's Voice
Research into the Viability of a Lowinterest Loan Fund

The People's Voice
The development and current state of the South African Small Media sector

Imvo Zabantsundu
The Viability Of Relaunching

Trends of Ownership and Control of Media in SouthAfrica. 

Final Kidz Radio HandBook

A Case Study Of Six Independent Community Newspapers

Trends of Ownership and Control of Media in South Africa. 

MID Report 


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